Bad things Book Design


Choose a book that needs a new cover design, read it, and create a cover based on the content. Must be a full jacket design. Artwork must be designed in Photoshop and include original photographs where possible.


A Google search brought up many poorly designed book covers. I discovered a book that covered a subject of interest as well as a poorly designed cover.


There is a biblical scripture of how rain (trouble\ falls on the just and the un-just. As read the book that scripture came to mind giving birth to my ided.

I knew the subiect matter was a bit heavy so to lighten it, I decided on a whimsical approach. I wanted to create a visual of how rain affects us all.

My design approach was to create a Monty Python look using cutouts from different magazines and textures.


  • I searched my personal images for any fitting the context of the book.
  • I remembered a photograph from years ago; a set of umbrellas hanging on a fence.
  • I created precise cutouts of the umbrellas and clouds from different photos.
  • Layered portions with contrast to create an animated cloud effect.
    The tears/raindrops were cut out of the clouds and umbrellas.
  • I wanted the backdrop to have a subtle but powerful meaning, so I created the bricks from words that represent troubles.
  • The people are a classmate and my instructor with their expressions fitting of someone who’s having a great time, and another caught off guard.
  • Bringing these elements together with the text I used free-sourced cut-out letters.