Dandy Sunset


Capture the sunset from a unique perspective.


  • Apple iPhone SE ▪ wide camera with shutter speed of 80
  •  f-stop of 1.8 to give a shallow depth of field.
  • I moved closer and crouched low to capture the brilliance of the sunset through the top of the dandelion seeds. Those delicate hairs deserved to have their whimsy captured with majesty.
  • These images on the back are unedited versions.
  • Photoshop to remove background distractions of the chair and foliage.
  • To lighten the sunset I reduced the exposure and increased the contrast, making slight adjustments to compliment the composition.

Photo inspired Poem

I have chased many sunsets to capture marvelous hues.

Beheld a glorious sunrise across a sky of baby blue.

But every now and then something different comes to light,

and I can see it clearly when the perspective is just right.