Rock Rush Tour Poster

Rock Rush Tour Poster Art with Edits


  • Create an original piece of art with your choice of art medium and technique.
  • Using the art, create a tour poster in Illustrator.
  • Must include pertinent details such as tour dates, time, and location.
  • Tour must feature living individuals even if they do not currently tour

Concept & Research

My approach to this came from an inspired thought. What if the rock tour was a play on words?

I visualized The Rock, Kid Rock, and Chris Rock on tour together.

While researching I asked the following questions:

  • Have these men ever been seen together in any capacity?
  • Who are some other celebs that have a name or are associated with the word Rock?
  • Which techniques give the greatest amount of texture and dry quickly?

When researching the top question I discovered a rare group photo of them where someone joked about a “rock formation”. My lightbulb moment was when I imagined the images in place of Mount Rushmore.

I wanted this piece to have a lot of texture to convey edge and vibrant colors that would be striking enough to gain attention.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 4.34.22 PM
Rock Rush Tour Poster Art Layers

Medium & Technique

  • To create the backdrop acrylic modeling paste was used with added color to give a thick, yet quick-drying effect on the canvas.
  • Starting with a pencil sketch I then used tracing paper to overlay technical pen in a mild caricature style.
  • Finally, bring these layers together in Photoshop to position and add effects to the pieces.
  • Illustrator was used to layer more effects and add text elements.
Rock Tour Portfolio Board