Peek-A-Boo Brochure


Create an animated promotional mailer using the Heal stick from RAW and Co.


The HEAL stick is known for its use “anywhere” so with this in mind I wanted to do something playful. I proposed that I make lips turn into a baby’s but when the mailer is opened. A playful risk worth taking.


I started by taking photographs of my classmates’ lips based on the proportion and size I would want. I recalled a baby photo and with permission from my oldest daughter, I used the photo as a starting point. The photograph was taken in the bathtub so I used the water as a basis for the background. Using Photoshop to create the textures, layers, and precise cutouts.

I duplicated the process with the lips since they would have to look seamless when the brochure was closed. It was important for them to fit and blend to create the illusion of finished lips, when actually it was my daughters bent leg on the inside of the brochure. Indesign was used to format the brochure, with facing pages and precise measurements so the peekaboo portion would match up.

The words on the outside needed to match up with the connected word on the inside just like the lips and leg. This took meticulous work to be sure the alignment was correct.

The overall finished look I was aiming for was watercolor, light, fresh, and playful.